About Ann

would describe myself as energetic, caring and joyful which is exactly how I'd describe the underlying qualities of Zumba.  I love teaching and bringing the joy of Zumba to others.  I have been taking Zumba classes since September of 2008 and I became certified as a Zumba instructor in the beginning of 2009.  
I have two years of belly dance experience.  While belly dancing is wonderful, Zumba has given me the freedom to express myself with many international dance styles while bringing my own flavor.  

I hope I can bring that to you!


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My Zumba Story

I have lost 112 lbs and 14 dress sizes.  I attribute a lot of my success to Zumba®. 

In December of 2007,
I was the heaviest I had ever been and feeling yucky and dumpy.  I began to contemplate THE SURGERY.  You know the one, where they do things to your stomach which causes rapid weight loss.  Frankly that I was even considering it scared me a great deal.  Fortunately, I had a fabulous roommate who was an avid member of Weight Watchers®. She encouraged me to try it and I did.  This picture to the right really brought home to me that it was time to lose some weight. (Pssst, that's my niece.  Isn't she cute?)

I was losing weight pretty consistently for a while but then the diet alone was no longer working.  I began to exercise which I hated with a passion.  I joined a gym and used the treadmill.  By the way, in case you didn't know, treadmills are for rats not people.  It was so boring!  I listened to Harry Potter on tape, loud music, watched the TV, anything I could do but it never quite worked.  Yep, it was still BORING!  Then in September of 2008, I read about a class called Zumba.

Z-U-M-B-A, what's that spell?  The most fun I've ever had in a gym.  I giggled and pranced my way through that first class.  I couldn't get the songs out of my head and they're in languages I don't even speak.  When I traveled places, I went through withdrawals from Zumba.  I ended up buying the DVDs so I would never be without my Zumba.  After I burned holes through the DVDs, I began to go to any instructor I could find when traveling and here in Bakersfield I followed my teacher (Angela Medina) around everywhere.  YES, it's true I'm an addict. 

Soon enough my teacher invited me to an instructor class.  You can see me to the left at my first Zumba Instructor class in January of 2009.  I have been teaching since July of 2009 and it brings me so much joy.  Here I am helping to promote Angela's Zumba classes to the right.  She's the one in green.

I have reached my weight loss goal.  Yay!  The journey continues though and maintenance is a difficult challenge.  Zumba and Weight Watchers provide me with the tools I need.  It's just me and my drive that help me maintain.  I hope you will join me wherever you are in your fitness, health and happiness goals. 

Here I am in an Winter of 2011 at Silver Creek Community Center.
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